July 1-5, 2019
faculty of philosophy msu
19th Annual Gatherings in Biosemiotics
The Organizing Committee of the 19th Gathering in Biosemiotics is pleased to invite
scholars to submit abstracts on the meaning-making processes (semiosis) in living
Biosemiotics is an interdisciplinary field that integrates theoretical biology with
semiotics, a science on signification and meaning. This Gathering, now in its nineteenth
year, occurs under the auspices of the International Society for Biosemiotic Studies
(ISBS): http://www.biosemiotics.org.
We invite participation of biologists, ecologists, philosophers, psychologists, cognitive
scientists, linguists, anthropologists, chemists, physical scientists, social scientists, and
other scholars, and take a big tent approach to the field. We particularly welcome
research in the following fields and areas:
  • Semiotic approaches in theoretical biology
  • Biology utilizing biosemiotics
  • The implications of biosemiotics to philosophy and humanities
  • Semiotic agents across scales and networks
  • Simplexity and agent power
  • Extended Evolutionary Synthesis
  • Habits, codes and learning
  • Cognitive semiotics of nonhumans and humans
  • Methodology of biosemiotics
  • Evolution of semiosis
  • Biosemiotics of health and disease
  • Endosemiotics
  • Teaching biosemiotics
  • Semiosis in ecological systems
  • Semiotic aspects of Anthropocene and bioethics
Moscow 119991
Vorobievy Gory
Lomonosovskiy Ave. 27/4

Participation fee:
to be determined
Shuvalov Building, MSU
Moscow State University Shuvalov Building is the perfect setting for biosemioticians to gather. It is a modern spacious building situated in the main MSU campus on Sparrow Hills, one of the most beautiful sightseeing spots in Moscow. It is easily accessible by public transportation and taxi from the center city and all the main airports.
Full information about the venue, transportation and accomodation will be available here later!
Contact us:

For visa support and information please email at foreign@philos.msu.ru
119991 Lomonosovskiy ave. 27/4, Moscow, Russia
Photo courtesy of MSU.ru
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